We Protect Sellers from Fraud

No credit cards, no PayPal, no disputes, no chargebacks.

We allow buyers to easily transfer money into your bank.

The only truly risk-free way for you to get your money.

It's that simple.

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Avoid credit card scams

The best thing about bank transfers is their authenticity. This is bad news for scam artists and fake buyers who need to use credit cards to pull off their schemes and rip you off. With FizzPay there's no possibility of chargebacks, no cashflow problems, no withdrawal limits, no frozen or limited accounts - just money in the bank.

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Stop taking risks just to get paid

FizzPay is the only way to get paid safely whenever you feel uncomfortable receiving a high-value, international or high-risk transaction from a credit card or PayPal. It's also the best PayPal alternative in situations where you've had to deal with a buyer unfairly disputing a transaction even though you did everything right as an ethical and honest seller.

Receive money by bank transfer

We help sellers avoid scams, charges and cashflow problems by allowing them to accept transfers directly into their own bank account. FizzPay never handles your money as you get paid directly by the seller making this the only 100% risk free way to get paid.

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Don’t put PayPal in charge of YOUR money

We help honest sellers like you accept payments directly into your bank account so YOU can stay in control of your own money; No withdrawal limits, no trading history required, and no waiting around for your merchant account to settle – just YOUR money in your bank account.

Get paid by bank transfer directly from the buyer

FizzPay never handles your money

Don’t bother with PayPal’s hassle and fees.

Benefits to Sellers Credit Cards
100% Settlement Direct to Your Bank Account Yes No Yes
Instant Settlement Directly from Buyers Yes No No
No Withdrawal Limits Yes No No
Total 100% Protection from Buyer Fraud Yes No No
No Chargebacks Possible Yes No No
Excellent Customer Service (24/7 phone and e-mail support) Yes No No
Allows High-Value Transactions Yes No No
No Trading History Required Yes No Yes

FizzPay is designed specifically to solve the problems and absorb the risks involved for Sellers using PayPal and other merchant payment services. FizzPay enables Buyers to pay you by direct bank transfer, so there can be no chargebacks, fraud, delays, frozen accounts or withdrawal limits.

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